20 maja 2024

We watch over your transport even on public holidays

We are flexible. 1 May is a public holiday in most European countries, but our client needed an important cargo to be loaded in the Netherlands on that day, which had to be in Switzerland the next day.

We received the request two days earlier, on 29 April. Our forwarding agent prepared a quotation and, upon approval, booked the vehicle. The driver showed up at the loading site on 1 May as planned and hit the road. On the same day, he arrived at the Swiss border, where he waited overnight for clearance.

As soon as the customs agency opened, the driver handed over the paperwork and waited for the green light. During this time our freight forwarder, despite the day off, remained in constant contact and supervised the clearance process. There were no complications and the vehicle was able to start, which we informed the customer about.

The goods arrived on site at 10:30 a.m. and, after a short time, the vehicle was unloaded and then loaded again - as the order was to make the route from the Netherlands to Switzerland and then from Switzerland to the Netherlands.

The driver re-appeared for customs clearance, which went without problems, and set off. On 3 May, he unloaded the goods on schedule in the Netherlands, at the place from which he started. Interestingly, 3 May is also a public holiday in Poland, but the customer could count on us and was in constant contact with us.