10 kwietnia 2024

Unexpected difficulties? We will deal with it

A regular customer called us, for whom we carry out transport between warehouses, to ask if we also do removals. Absolutely! This is one of the sectors in which we regularly carry out transports. All that mattered was the unloading date, which was set at 8 days after the call.

Our forwarding agent prepared an offer for the customer in 5 minutes, which he accepted. On the day indicated, our van with a tail lift arrived at the loading site near Turin and set off for Chamonix, a French Alpine resort.

As the van approached its destination, it became apparent that, due to the width of the vehicle, it was not possible to drive directly to the indicated address. The mountain road was too narrow. The driver contacted the forwarding agent, who acted immediately. He located the nearest sprinter van, which would pass the problematic road without any problems.

The freight forwarder called the customer and informed him of the situation and proposed a solution. The customer accepted the proposal and the forwarder had an additional vehicle drive up, which arrived at the site after about an hour. Two trips were necessary, as not everything fit into the smaller vehicle. The operation took about four hours, but all the goods arrived safely at the address indicated.