Do you need to do customs clearance? We offer assistance with customs procedures or complete them from scratch.

You can entrust us with anything that needs to be transported.
What we carry

What do we specialise in?

Transport to factories and warehouses

we can transport for you finished products as well as machine parts, necessary for the operation of factories. Our driver will deliver the goods to the indicated place and unload according to your instructions.

Transport to seaports

our trucks regularly visit European seaports, delivering both ship parts and equipment items.

Transport to airports

we carry out express transports to or from the airport. We carry both air cargo and aircraft parts (AOG).

Transport for exhibitions

we have visited almost all major exhibition centres in Europe, we know the procedures at such venues and we have experience in this. We will deliver the stand elements and equipment for you.

Transport of chemical goods

our fleet includes vehicles capable of transporting chemical goods: ADR-licensed vans. Our drivers have the required licences, our forwarders check in detail the conditions of transport fulfilment for a given product.

Transport for festivals and events

we will choose the best solution for your goods, bring them on time and unload them according to your instructions. Our vehicle can be your mobile warehouse during the event or simply deliver your goods to the festival and pick them up afterwards.


moving to another country? Choose specialists who will prepare the right vehicle for you and deliver the goods intact. We can assist with unloading, and will ensure that the goods are properly secured in the cargo area of the vehicle.

E-commerce and fashion industry

we haul valuables that require delicate unloading and extra security. We can unload goods in a boutique in a narrow street or in a large shopping centre.

Transport of pharmaceutical goods

if you need a temperature-controlled vehicle, you will find it in our offer. We will transport your goods according to your instructions, taking care of safety and appropriate conditions.


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You can entrust us with everything that needs to be transported.